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General Questions

What is Style Lend?

Style Lend is a community of fashion lovers that lend and borrow designer dresses with each other. Think of it as your own infinite, high-end closet to borrow from anytime. A place where you can lend your dress to fashionable women and make money when it's rented.

Where is Style Lend available?

We are currently only available in the US. If you live in San Francisco or New York you can use our Concierge Service to have a dress delivered within 24 hours (Style Lend's showroom facilities are located in SF & NYC).

Is there a membership fee?

No, signing up on Style Lend is free. However only members can request to rent or try on dresses. Sign up here:

Why should I lend when I can consign?

Lending allows you to retain ownership of your dress, you have option of wearing it again. Plus, by lending out your dress on Style Lend, you can earn as much as x4 more through renting your dress than you would through selling it.

Who handles the cleaning?

Style Lend handles the dry cleaning. So enjoy the dress for a week, slip it back in the complimentary pre-paid mailer bag, and we will take care of the rest!

How long is the rental period?

One week [x7 days]. Please place the dress in the mail by the 7th day to prevent being charged a late fee on the dress.

How does payment work?

Once you click reserve, you have the option to add your credit card and complete the transaction.

Is credit card information secure?

Yes. Style Lend secures it’s payment through our 3rd party processor, Balanced Payments. Style Lend does not store any of your payment information on our site.


Can I just rent one dress? I don’t want the second dress for free option.

Of course! We encourage users to order as many dresses as they like to save on shipping.

If I rent three [3] dresses does it mean I get 3 back-up dresses?

Customers can select one [1] back-up dress for free with each order.

Do I get charged if I decide to wear the back-up dress that was free at checkout?

Style Lend charges for the dress(es) that you wear. Each dress has a security seal, once we receive the dresses back, we will see which security seal has been broken and charge for the dress(es) with the broken security seals.

What if I neither dress fits?

We will help you exchange it and send another two dresses ASAP.

I need a dress for a party tomorrow, can you help?

Yes! If you are located in the city of San Francisco, we will deliver two [2] dresses of your choice within 24 hrs.

How do I pay for the item?

After you have finished selecting the dresses you want to wear, go to 'My Cart' and confirm the date of delivery. You will have the option to fill in your payment information before you check out, if you have not already filled it in.

What happens if I accidentally spill or damage the dress?

Zippers break, wine spills, it happens, we understand. This is why Style Lend recommends customers use the $5 insurance coverage for each order. In the case of significant damage or if the item is lost, your credit card will be charged for the market retail price of the item, minus the Style Lend rental price.

How long is the rental period?

Each rental is one week (7 days) long.

What happens if the item does not fit?

If it does not fit, and the security tags remain unbroken, you don't pay! Style Lend will refund you for the cost of the rental, minus the cost of shipping.

Can I just rent one dress? I don’t want the second dress for free option.

Sure thing. You can just check out with only one dress.

If I rent three dresses does it mean I get 3 back ups?.

You only get one back up dress for free.

If I end up wearing the back up dress that was free at checkout do you charge me?

Because each dress has a security seal once we receive the dresses back we will see which security seal has been broken and charge for only the dress whose security seal is broken.

What if I neither dress fits?

We will help you exchange it and send another two dresses ASAP.

When should I expect my dress to arrive?

3-5 business days from the shipped date.

How do I return the dress?

In the envelope we sent you, there is another enveloped with a prepaid shipping label. Please put the dress (es) in there and drop off at USPS or arrange a pick up. Please make sure it goes in the mail on the 7th day to avoid any late charges.

What are the late charges?

$25 per day. Please make sure to put the dress in the mail on the 7th day to avoid any charges. If you have any questions please email


How much does it cost to list an item?

You can list as many items as you’d like for free. If you have more than 30 items we will personally come to chose the items. If you have high end brands give us a call to help you pick the right items.

How much do I make on each rental?

Save time, hassle and storage. Sit back, relax and earn 50% of the rental price. Style Lend takes care of everything: We send you a prepaid label to send us your items, we take professional photos, list them, manage all delivery and do the dry cleaning.

Do you only accept designer duds?

We are looking for items that women want to borrow. So that cute little dress you bought at a boutique in Rome or Haight St and that one everyone always compliments you on. We found that the dresses that rent out the most are those that are up to 2 years old so the latest the style the better and designer items of $300+ in retail price.

How do I price my item?

We recommend a rental price of 10% of the retail price not the price you purchased it for. Plus a dry cleaning fee.

What if my dress gets ruined?

In the off chance that your dress cannot be cleaned or repaired, we will initially attempt to replace the dress at no cost. Should the damaged dress no longer be available, we will pay you the full retail price, minus the rental fee.

What if I want to one of my dresses back?

Just let us know 7 days in advance. You can either pick your dresses up at SF showroom location, or we will ship it back to you for $5.

How long do you keep dresses in your inventory?

We keep dresses for up to 6 months, after which you have the option to continue lending your dresses with us or request your items be shipped back to you ($5 shipping cost).

Where will I see my dresses?

They will be posted under your profile within a month of shipment received.

Can I share my closet with my friends?

Oui! Provide your friend with your unique closet URL and you can start sharing your style.

Can I get my dress back when I have an event?

Yes! You can request your dress at any time, provided your your dress is not currently rented at the time you wish to have it back. If not, we will dry clean it for you and ship it to you via mailer bag. (roundtrip mail + dry cleaning = $15)

What dresses should I send in?

We have found that dresses of the latest season, by notable brands (that means no H&M, please) are the dresses that rent most often and for the highest price. Ideally, they are also dresses that were released no longer than 2 years ago and retailed for $150+.

How do I know what the retail price is?

We suggest you use Google to locate this information.

Have more questions? Email us at, we reply within 24 hours.

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Loved the experience, Style Lend took out the stress of finding a dress. LANYA, SAN FRANCISCO

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