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Browse through thousands of unique designer items hand selected from New York’s most stylish closets.


Get your pieces delivered in 2-3 days or within hours in NYC. Enjoy for 7 or 14 days. Only pay if it fits!


Ship items back in a pre-paid envelope. In NYC? We’ll pick up your items on the return date. Dry cleaning is on us.


One Week Love Affair

You've been eyeing this designer for months (maybe years!), now you can have them for one week, whenever you want.

Savvy & Conscious

An authentic, unique style doesn't come cheap - to our wallets or the environment. Your taste can evolve and so can our planet.

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Mass-market clothing doesn't match your vibrant lifestyle. Be the star of the party with glamorous but accessible fashion.


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We've all been there, a closet full of clothes yet nothing to wear. We are trying to challenge this mentality to reduce the impact of fashion on our environment. By knowing your closet you are able to make better decision on what to wear how to to recycle, re-use & re-purpose. Knowing the type of brands you are holding on to can be very eye opening.


Fashion is the second largest pollutant in the world behind oil. Let that sink in, yes that Zara dress is as deadly as the oil your taxi uses. In the US we throw away 80 pounds of clothing a year and 95% of that could be recycled, re-used or re-purpose.


Every time you buy fast fashion, you are supporting those brands' actions towards the environment, treatment of their factory workers & fabric use. We get it, it's hard enough to keep up with trends, let alone sustainable ones. This is why we suggest joining our community! By renting, you are not only extending the life of a garment, but you are reducing your textile waste & and spending your money on fair labor practices. By joining the Style Lend community, you can have access to our fun and empowering events which provide education on creating and maintaining a meaningful relationship with fashion.


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